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This is like having your own lodge.  Flagstone patios wrap the pine log exterior instilling a classy touch for outdoor relaxation, viewing, and tanning.  Steps from the front door lead directly onto the sand and one of two private beaches!  The hot tub on the upper deck is on the lake side, making it the perfect place for revitalizing or quiet reflection. 

The scene has played out in the eyes of your mind countless times: you’re swinging your latest creation down through one of your favourite runs, a large flash is followed by a solid tug, and a rush of adrenaline.  As the line starts peeling off the reel, your senses are sharpened.  You feel secure knowing that you’ve checked your gear, cleaned and oiled your reel, tied on fresh leader and tippet.  And now it’s happening.  The connection between you and the fish is strong, as is the realization that you’ve longed for this connection for a long time.  Perhaps too long.  It is the connection you feel to your natural roots, and it fills you to your core.



The bitter wind blowing right through you as you tromp out to clear off your car windows are only a dim memory from… when?  I’ve been coming to Tahoe to ski since the late 80’s and have fond memories of waking up to an extra two feet of fresh snow several times.   I bet you can remember getting ‘stuck’ for an extra day when it happened on the last night of your trip?   My rental was engulfed one year by almost 4 feet!  The parking lot was one level – chest deep white.  So you called work to say,  ‘Well, we just can’t get out until they clear the roads (hang up, and then to your buddy)…  So we might as well hit the hill and go back to work tomorrow…’