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This is like having your own lodge.  Flagstone patios wrap the pine log exterior instilling a classy touch for outdoor relaxation, viewing, and tanning.  Steps from the front door lead directly onto the sand and one of two private beaches!  The hot tub on the upper deck is on the lake side, making it the perfect place for revitalizing or quiet reflection. 

For anyone who’s ever dabbled in Drama Club, Shakespeare is the staple go to for learning the ropes for writing, directing, and acting.  Modern Actress Anne Hathaway shares the name of his wife so you can guess what her parents were thinking…  Ironic if you know that, in the 1500’s, when his plays were originally presented, it was illegal for women to perform in the theatre.  The roles of women were played by (gulp) men.   I’m picturing some very dubious-looking women on those early stages.  And it does beg the question, Why?  And Who thought it was necessary to dress guys up to act like girls – when there were plenty of them to fill the parts?  Nowadays of course, we get to see the real thing. That has not stemmed the copious application of makeup all that much....  But, I’ll wager most patrons agree with this progression toward appropriate representation.


Ever since Henry Ford got the wheels turning for us on land, Chris Smith was onboard with the concept of gas propulsion.  By the mid 1920’s, Smith was turning out beautiful wooden works of art built to grace the water - with the Miss America being one of his most famous designs.  This power boat concept was soon embraced by other artists like Hackers, Hutchinsons, Lymans, and Gar Woods.